Mirkarim Osim (1907-1985)

Category: Literature of 30-80's of XX century Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013

He was born in Tashkent in an educated family. Then he studied at “Shamsulurfon” school and at technical school named after Narimonov (1924). He was interested in art, literature and history. He taught at school, worked as a scientific investigator of the Scientific Research Institute and at the publishing houses. At the end of 40’s he was under repression and in 50’s he was set free.

He wrote many stories and essays on history. His main works are: “O’tror”, “Tumaris”, “Timur Malik”, “Aleksandr and Spitamen”, “Astrobod”, “Ulugbek and Navoi”, “Zulmat ichra nur”, “Aljabrning tugilishi”, “Singan setor”, “Mohlar oyim va Xonposhsha”, “Karvon qo’ng’irog’i”, “Elchilar”, “Ibn Sino qissasi”. In all of his works he described national history and bright historical characters. He died in February, 1985.

Published works.
Mirkarim Osim. “Ajdodlar fojeasi”. Tashkent, Adabiyot va san’at, 1983. 14,52 pp.

Gafurov I. “Mirkarim Osimni eslab”. Book: Gafurov I. “O’ttiz yil izhori”. Tashkent, Adabiyot va san’at, 1987, 118-124 pp.

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