Abdulla Qahhar (1907-1968)

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Abdulla Qahhar was born on the 17th of September, 1907, in the town of Kokan into a blacksmith's family. After school he went to the teacher's training technical school, then to The State University of Central Asia. His first poem "When the Moon burns" was published in 1924 in the 8th issue of the satirical magazine Mushtum after that Abdulla Qahhar wrote 8 poems, 50 newspaper (topical) satires, and a lot of stories in the 20s.

His the man without a head, which was published in 1929, showed Abdulla Qahhar's skill (mastery) in creation of humans' real characters. During his whole literary activity Abdulla Qahhar (took was place) among the founders of Uzbek realism, the short story realistic genre of Uzbek literature. His stories such as "O'g'ri" (The thief), "Anor" (a pomegranate), "Dahshat" (Horror), "Mayiz yemagan hotin" (The woman, who never ate raisins), "Adabiyot muallimi" (The teacher of Literature), "To'yda aza" (funeral at a wedding party), "Mahalla" and others are examples of realism.

The writer's novels "Sarob" (Mirage) and "Ko'shchinor chiroqlari" (Lamps of Kushchinar) have raised discussion since their appearance in the literature. Readers appreciate his well-known narrative stories such as "Sinchalak", "Oltin yulduz" (Gold star), "Muhabbat" (Love), "O'tmishdan ertaklar" (Tales from the past). Abdulla Qahhar's comedies as "Shohi suzana", "Og'riq tishlar" (Bad Teeth), "Tobutdan tovush" (a sound from the Tomb), "Ayajonlarim" (My lovely mothers) are considered to be rare examples of Uzbek satire.

"Shohi suzana" has been staged in many theatres of the world.

Abdulla Qahhar's works.
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