The Hail Mountain and seven heavens

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Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability and aptitude to read and comprehend Koran from beginning to end. First of all, many people are busy with their daily routines, so they are satisfied with reading . Some ones hear disjointed conversations of religious people. In that cases there are some religious people who make mistakes in their considerations that may prevent others from right interpretation and understanding of Koran and lead to the hesitation of their faith. On page 387 of the book titled “West and East”, that is written by Fozila Sulaymonova, she marked that some writers and commentators wrote wrong descriptions of Koran, narrations about ascension to heaven, stories about prophets that are out of edge. (For example, story about prophet’s son-in-law Ali’s 40 meters long sword passes all bounds of logic. In reality this sword is kept in the museum, in Turkey and no longer than 70-80 sm)

When Albert Einstein has presented his theory of relativity to the humankind that was superior to the Newton’s point of view he starts his word with: “Forgive me, Newton!” Humankind really appreciates Great Newton for his outstanding contribution but Einstein knew that the truth is more valuable. We appreciate the commentators and annotations of Holy Koran. However, we mostly revere Allah, His Holy book Koran and His prophet Muhammad. There is no god but Allah and can’t be ever. Allah will never send any Holy Book like Koran and prophet like Muhammad. However humankind may have unlimited number of commentators and these commentators at the same time may present a number of commentaries. When reading these commentaries we must only choose and admit the ones that might interpret the text of Holy Koran perfectly.

Nowadays there are lots of descriptions and interpretations of Koran that are wrong and not based on modern science. Due to that kind of works some people tend to think and spread a point of view that Koran is not Allah’s dictation(revelation) but Mohammad’s words and because of them the number of people who reject the text of Koran is increasing. Below we will look through some of them and disclose wrong conclusions of the articles like “Koran’s point of view on Universe” and “Scientific mistakes of Koran” that put forward such kind of suspicion towards Koran.

For example, one verse(24:43) says : Have you not seen that Allah drives the clouds softly, then joins them together, and then piles them one over the other so that you see that rain comes out from the midst thereof? And He sends down from the sky wherein mountains of ice are, some hails out of them; then casts it over whom He will and turns it away from whom He will. It is very near that its flash of light: ding may take away the sight. For this verse one internet-commentatorhas reacted like this: Hail is small pellets of ice falling from super cooled cumulonimbus clouds when there are very strong rising air currents. These pellets may grow to a considerable size as the result of collision with super cooled drops. However the authors of Koran attribute wrongly the formation of hail to the imaginary mountain in the air.

If this commentator took this verse objectively maybe he adopted Islam.The reason is that indeed before and during the hail the ice mountain with different density appears in the sky and it is invisible for people and no one has ever seen it and will never do.

Let’s consider this process from beginning.Hail is one of the types of rain but it forms from the clouds. Usually hail is a snow pellets covered with ice pellets that has spherical form. Hail pellets are formed as a result of following procedure: snow pellets start acting inside clouds with crystals of ice and cold water. During the collision of these snow pellets with crystals, snow pellets are covering with ice layer and increasing in size and mass. This procedure itself may repeats for several times and as a result of this a pellet will be multilayer. Hail usually is formed by the participation of definite kind of clouds that participate in formation of thunder, such as cumulus and stratus clouds. These clouds have vertical reach and about 10,000 m high. The speed of the flows that are inside of these clouds are directed to the top by means of strong wind and may reach 100 m( over 200000 m per hour). These flows may raise rain drops in clouds to some layers of atmosphere with temperature of – 20 – 50 C. Consequently, water drops froze and turn into ice pellets, which in turn unit with each other and transfer to hail drops. According to the condition of formation hail may have different forms but usually it is spherical. Sometimes the shape of hail drops may be very large.

Different forms of hail depend on the strong wind blowing during it. Thunderstorm clouds are considered as a large factory that produces hail. Hail pellets get bigger as they are blown by the wind. In order to carry constant hail pellets with diameter of 10cm, wind must has speed of 200 km per hour. In that case it is difficult to imagine hail pellets with weight of 7kg.When heavy hail drops down; strong wind lifts them up and blows in the air. If this process repeats millions of times with hail pellets, these hail pellets may become very heavy and reach up to several kilometers. If we imagine billions of these hail pellets with dimensions of about 100 km in length, several kilometers in width and up to 10 kilometers high, in that case it won’t be complicated to visualize an ice mountain-hail mountain. If wind cannot hold hail pellets, they drop down to Earth continuously and look like they are falling from the enormous floating ice mountain. As thunderstorm clouds are thicker as there is more probability of hail, so hail is formed inside clouds. There is 50% of probability of hail, if clouds have depth of 12km. If clouds are 14 km in thick our probability raises to 75 %. Consequently if thickness reaches 18 km, it definitely hails. I think, reader has obtained enough evidence proving the truthiness of Koran surah.

Furthermore we will look at wrong statements of internet -commentator and prove his illiteracy on modern science and his quick-wittedness. I have no information about this intelligent’ name and whose translation did he use in this statements. In this article: words of internet-commentator are in bold, italics and underlined. The text of Koran criticized by this intelligent is bolded. According to the authors of Koran Universe is quite simple, small, contains only flat Earth and surrounding heaven. Afterwards, he gives the following surah as an example: He it is Who created for you all that is in the earth, then turned toward the heaven, then formed seven heavens correctly and He knows all and every thing.(2:29). Do you not see that Allah has made seven heavens one upon another? (71:15). Who made seven heavens one upon the other. What difference do you see in the making of the MostAffectionate? Then look again carefully, do you see any crack? (67:3). Internet commentator continues: Earth is surrounded by the air with thickness of about 10000 km. This layer is atmosphere. Atmosphere is hold due to Earth’s pull of gravity. Atmosphere has as less air, as higher altitude, but atmosphere itself merge with no air space. All layers of atmosphere can be divided into 7 heaven. Followings: The seventh heaven is magnetosphere, sixth is ionosphere, fifth is exosphere, fourth is thermosphere, third is mesosphere, second is stratosphere and first is troposphere.


Now, let’s look at the sayings and attitude of this internet-commentator on Allah’s saying about seven heavings. Thus, how are these heavens look like in reality? It is common knowledge that, if a plane, dirigible, simple kite or a bird starts to fly we call them as taking off or fly up to the sky. In that case we can raise a question in which sky are they flying? The answer is in the first heaven. Well, and then let’s assume that seven spheres are magnetosphere, ionosphere, exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere. However, somebody may decrease the number of these spheres to five, while others increase them up to ten. All these spheres belong to the atmosphere layer that is situated in first heaven. Hence, under the name of first heaven we accept the space area that is under effect of Earth gravity and where airplanes, kites, birds, parachutists can fly. Undoubtedly, no one can make an objection.

Internet-commentator writes: As additional information about the mechanism of heaven we can refer to the story about night journey of Prophet Mohammad. Text is quite long to cite it completely, but below it will be given key moments. For example, straight under the vault of first heaven Mohammad met with Adam discover the sources of rivers Tiger and Euphrates( obviously because of the absence of geographical knowledge).The saying that Rivers of Tiger and Euphrates sourced from the first heaven demonstrates the truthiness of Hadis, so the mountain peaks that give water to rivers are situated in the area of first heaven. This Hadis proofs the right acceptance of meaning of first heaven. If we look at the Hadis of Imam Buhoriy superficially, the rejection of its truthiness may occurs, but as we have seen, this Hadis is really belongs to Prophet Mohammad.

We are well aware of, that satellites of the Earth need to have definite speed, that is 8.2 km per second, in order to reach Earth’s orbit. Any object that doesn’t have such speed, it doesn’t matter what it is, a plane, a bird or a kite, cannot reach Earth’s orbit, because of the fact that they should have this kind of high velocity that will be able to disrupt series of fortress that characterize the second heaven. Any objects that pass over the barrier alike physical fortress, will be situated in second heaven. (Earth’s orbit is called a space in modern science.) Therefore the Earth’s orbit can be called as a second heaven. Therefore, it will be reasonable to define second heaven as the area where spaceships orbit Earth as its satellite. Scientists have been imagining the existence of this second heaven for several years, but for the first time they were able to see it with their own eyes in 1957, when they launched the first spaceship to the universe and observed it from the Earth.

Internet-commentator: 50 years ago the first space flight was performed (accomplished) not by Muslim. Space stations of humanbeing examine the surface of the Moon, Earth and Venus, and even the universe out of borders of Solar system. However, according to the assumption of the author of Koran, that space flights can’t be accomplished without consent of Allah. Take into consideration that more than 10 thousand astronauts are atheists, we should ask a question, why omniscient Allah has made so wrong prophesy? 'O Company of Jinn and men, if you can that you may go out of the boundaries of the heavens and the Earththen do go. Wherever you will go, His is the Kingdom. (55:33)

This surah is going to say that Allah gave permission to both people and gins to fly to sky. However, internet-commentator interpreted this surah wrongly by concluding that this permission is given exclusively to Muslims” and it is his pure invention and nothing else. Hence Muslims, other representatives of other religions, including atheists all are God’s servant. V.Savrin who is a deputy director of Moscow state nuclear physics research institute and coordinator of Russian selfless scientists that participated during the launching of hadron collider, gave interview during the press-conference that took place on 10 September in 2008 and noted that: sometimes new black holes exist for short period of time and explode immediately. They even won’t be able to reach the walls of collider. We can approach this question from different points of view. For instance, God .......sees and feels that humankind(I mean physicists) strive for something; they strike all their knowledge, efforts in order to find out or explore something new. Finally, He will allow enclosing this mystery. Eminent scientist of a large country is asking permission from God to make a discovery. According to Koran, second heaven includes the first heaven. Hence, as appears from above, two heavens are located in the space area where Earth’s gravity exists.

Third heaven

In my opinion, it will be reasonable to take as a third heaven the layer of orbit by which moon revolves around the Earth for billiards of years. Therefore, space area in which moon circles by means of Earth’ gravity might be considered as a third heaven. This third heaven take into itself first and second heavens.

Fourth heaven

Our spaceship must have speed more than 11km per second in order to fly into the fourth heaven. In that case spaceship will release itself from the Earth’s gravity and becomes satellite of the Sun and starts orbited the Sun like other planets of solar system. Hence, our Earth circles around the Sun in a fourth heaven and this fourth heaven includes all other three heavens. If the Earth dominates in first, second and third heavens, the fourth heaven are controlled by the Sun.

The fifth heaven

The Sun is moving around the center directed to the Pole star by holding all its planets with the speed of 295 km per second. This movement happens in the Galaxy. And we can take this space area that has Milky Way galaxy and where the Sun moves as a fifth heaven. This fifth heaven is part of the Galaxy and Milky Way doesn’t release the Sun from its disposal by making it to circle around the fifth heaven.

And the sun runs to its appointed resting-place. This is the commandment of the Dominant, the Knowing.( 36:38)

As we can see, the Sun is continuing its movement along the definite direction and period. Modern science does not disprove this case, but confirms it.

By the sun and its brightness. And by the moon when it follows it.(91:1-2).

As follows from this verse the Sun moves by leading the Earth and modern science affirms it. The Moon also follows the Sun and moves through the Galaxy with the speed of 295 km per second. The fifth heaven includes the first, second, third and fourth heavens.

Sixth heaven

If our space ship increases its speed than the speed of the Sun in the Galaxy, then spaceship will leave the Galaxy and releases from its sphere of influence. Consequently, this spaceship will turn to the small galaxy that is moving in space area with certain direction and around definite center. This space area that includes all galaxies and our small galaxy may be called as a sixth heaven. This heaven involves the first, second, third, fourth and fifth heavens. No one may contradict this, so humankind has been a witness of this heaven as well.

Seventh heaven

Seventh heaven is another side of our Earth’s edge that was calculated by modern science; more specifically it was done by Einstein. All galaxies with their stars are moving with the high speed towards the edge of the universe, circling and widening around the center of the Pole star. The speed of these galaxies is increasing in regard to our galaxy (allegedly, some invisible force in the seventh heaven pulls these galaxies towards itself) and when their speed equals to the speed of light, after some while they move to the seventh heaven and become invisible to us. If our spaceship has higher speed than its certain speed (in this case speed of light) then it may go beyond bounds of our universe. Modern science is aware of the fact that time by time some stars and galaxies pass the bound of our universe and this side of universe can be called as the seventh heaven. This heaven includes the first six heavens.

Undoubtedly, we have discussed these heavens concerning our Earth and verses of Holy Koran about seven heavens are also regarding to the Earth. Therefore, not surprisingly, great commentators of Holy Koran put the Earth in the center of the universe.

Who made seven heavens one upon the other. What difference do you see in the making of the MostAffectionate? Then look again carefully, do you see any crack? (67:3)

It is not difficult to imagine how seven heavens are in the harmony with each other that is they can move from one to another without any crack or slot.

Do you not see that Allah has made seven heavens one upon another? 71:15”

Who can doubt about the layer structure of seven heavens?

Did the infidels not consider that the heavens and earth were closed up, then We opened them out? And We made every made living thing from water. Will they then believe? (21:30)

A concept of big bang that is putting forward by the cosmogony also confirms how this verse corresponds to the modern scientific breakthrough. Development of science indicates that all continents were once one big landmass that later split up. Water is the origin of all life and scientists and astronauts that are seeking any signs of life, first of all looking for the signs of water in those planets.

Surah 41 and verse 11 says: Then He turned towards the heaven and it was a smoke. Then He said to it and to the earth, 'come both of you willingly or unwillingly. They both submitted,' we have come willingly.' Word “smoke” in Uzbek translation of Koran is given as smoke, while Porohova translates it as “layer of smoke”. Now look at this: if cosmogony have found out about the origin of universe from gas and dust only in the XX century, Holy Koran has given information about this 14 century earlier.

According to this verse Heaven and Earth both come together willingly. The expression “willingly” means that the Earth as well as heaven both has convergence for each other. In physics law of universal gravitation is connected with the gravitational field. According to gravitational field, objects are pulling to each other with their own will. Electric fields don’t have feature of pull that is attributed to the magnetic fields. Modern science is aware of the fact that due to the attraction between particles (objects, planets, stars), the object tries to get the form of sphere. Hence, the Sun, planets, their moons and stars have spherical form. Unfortunately, so far modern scientists could not understand and explain the nature of gravitation.

Then He completed them as seven heavens in two days and He sent to each heaven the commands of its own function. And We adorned the lower heaven with lamps and for protection. This is the decree of the Honorable. The All Knowing.(41:12)

This verse does not mean the location of stars in lower heaven, but that these stars are decorated nearer heaven, the heaven that is visible to us, like lights. This heaven is defended from any wandering stones in the universe that is this verse informs us about the disappearance of these meteors in the layers of atmosphere. Besides that, in Sheikh Mohammad Yusuf’s translation this verse says: enough, he has created 7 heavens in two days and commanded to each heaven their own function. We have decorated and protected the heaven with lamps. This is the decree of the Honorable and the All Knowing. The same verse according to Oltinxon Tura’s translation: afterwards, he has created them as seven heavens in two days and sent a command for each heaven. We have decorated heaven with lams and protected it. This is the verdict of The Conqueror. According to Porohova’s interpretation: he has established 7 heavens in two days, and allocate each of them with their duty. We have decorated nearer heaven with lights and maintain it with defense.- Him, who has unlimited power. As we see, the word “lower” in Krachkovskiy’s interpretation was been interpreted differently in resources that we have addressed. In particular, Valeriya Poroxova has used the word “nearer”. Regarding what did she use “nearer”, maybe towards the Sun? According to our deduction, if the Earth is situated in fourth heaven, then the nearest heaven to the earth will be the fifth heaven in which the Sun is circling. Moreover, this heaven is spread with billions of flowers, like a bunch of flowers. Is there anything incomprehensible? In this case Krachkovskiy’s “lower”, and Porohova’s “nearer” words is applicable. The expression in Uzbek version “heaven of the world” is also understandable without any difficulty. Therefore, based on Uzbek translation of Koran, we should understand the word “world” as our Milky Way galaxy. Our world means our galaxy that is in this case “world” is the synonym of “galaxy”. Everything becomes clear if we come to an agreement about understanding the word “universe” as that includes all galaxies. When talking about “heaven of the world” why we must not understand our galaxy the Milky Way?

These heavens are considered solid objects, and it can be demonstrated as follows: firstly, they play the role of roof over the thing that they are spread. The protection nature of this roof is given in this verse: And We made the heaven a roof well protected; and they are avatars from its signs.(21:32) Debris of heaven may fall down, and maybe to hurt inhabitants of the Earth. If We will We may cause them to sink in the earth or cause a piece of the sky to fall upon them. (34:9).

Solidity of the heaven can be seen from the fact that the force that is that force spends in order to pass from one wall to another will be able to break through a steel wall. There is no doubt that the solidity of heaven is harder than any steel. Who can doubt that atmosphere is a roof over us? Only fool people may consider a roof like something that made of rush, slate or tile.

In fact, heavens are so hard that it is possible to climb on them by means of a ladder.And if their turning away of faces has grieved you, then if you can do, seek any tunnel in the ground or a ladder unto heaven, and bring a sign for them. And if Allah has willed, then He would have gathered them on the guidance, so O listener! Be never you an innocent.(6:35)

Internet-commentator states this verse from Krachkovskiy’s translation with some mistakes. Valeriya Porohova translated this verse like: if their contempt is burden to you, Then if you can find a cleft in the ground or a ladder on to the heaven, And thus to show them one more sign, (anyway they won’t believe in). And if God wished, he Gathered all on the path of righteousness. And thus Mohammad don’t be among ignoramus people! She states that this verse was sent only after the put on claims on demonstration of some magic. On her comment #380, she expresses her astonishment on omitting the expression “anyway they won’t believe” in Krachkovskiys and Sablukov’s translations. In some Uzbek translations of Koran this expression is given like a comment.

And lastly, it appears that heavens are so heavy that they need abutments. As opposed to modern Muslims, the authors of Koran confesses that heavens need abutments, adding that these abutments are invisible.

Allah raised heavens without pillars that you can see.(13:2) -Kuliev

Allah raised heavens on invisible pillars that are invisible for you.(13:2) –Osmanov

In this case the authors of Koran perceive the fact that pillars are essential to the heavens. However, they concentrate on their attention not to the absence of these pillars, but to their invisibility.

The most appropriate answer to this question will be: these pillars are in the gravitational field. It holds the whole universe and that field. Then did anyone see that someone holds it? You must be astonished, Nyuton’s the force of gravity is pointing to this verse, isn’t it? The main mystery of XXI century is the field of gravitation, is not it?

Till when he reached the place of sun setting, he found it setting in a spring of black mud, and he found a people there. We said, 'O Zulqarnain, either you punish them or do good to them'. (18:68)

Although in case of sunset there is no any mentions about muddy spring, describes people who live straightly near to this area.

Until, when he reached the place of sun rising he found it rising on a people for whom We had not put any shelter against the sun.( 18:90)

When Alexander the Great reached to the edge of the world, he did not see any Heracles or Apollo who held heaven and did not say that heaven was overturn like a pot. There is no verse in Koran about the restriction of any heaven’s size with the size of earth surface. Koran does not have any saying that Earth is spherical or circle and that heaven is like a pot and overturn over the Earth. Undoubtedly, the atheists and Koran’s enemies could not confirm this truth.

It should be taken into consideration that the whole Koran does not have any records about galaxies and galactic clusters, quasars and empty space. there is just water, throne and Allah.

Then He completed them as seven heavens in two days and He sent to each heaven the commands of its ownfunction. And We adorned the lower heaven with lamps and for protection. This is the decree of theHonourable. The All Knowing. (41:12)

The authors of Koran did not even have a thought that stars can be objects as the sun, but that is located farther.

If we consider the creation of seven heavens in two days, then the most complicated structure belongs to the earth. Even the most enormous star is not so difficult as human or any insect, because they are mainly consist of plasma that are some kind of substance and other many space objects have the structure of energy and light. During space searches astronauts have explained the existence of some unknown space matter that is 95% of the whole universe, as dark (unknown) energy and dark matter. Creation of seven heavens was easier than creation of the Earth, its all living creatures, and plants and hence took less time. Modern science takes the view of apparition of the sun and solar system about 11 billion, including earth 5 billion years ago as a result of the “big bang”. If we subtract from 11 billion 5 billion we have 6 billion years. This measure is taken regarding earth and revolving of the earth around the sun. We can interpret 11 billion years in this way. All planets are circling in the sixth heaven around certain center like a spin of the earth around the sun. Around this center, if time required to one full rotation round our Milky Way is taken as one day( note that one full tilting of the earth about its axis is called one day) and maybe this one day is equivalent to our earth’s billions of circles around the sun( our astronomers haven’t calculate this time yet). Hence one saying in Koran about one day is equal to billions of earth years. There is no force that may hurry Allah! According to one of the Koran sayings, heavens were created in first two days and the rest 4 days were spent to create a life there and this verse confirms our considerations about universe.

The sun and moon is described less unambiguously. Everything about them is that – they are situated in the middle of the heavens and definitely not in the lower heaven. These two lamps (stars and planets altogether) are following prescribed race along the arched walls of solid vault of the heaven.

And it is He Who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Each one is floating in a circumference.(21:33)

It is not for the sun that it might catch the moon and nor the night may supercede the day. And each one isfloating in an orbit. (36:40)

And the sun runs to its appointed resting-place. This is the commandment of the Dominant, the Knowing.(36:38)

Generally, Koran mentions the following that makes the existence of eclipse impossible.

It is not for the sun that it might catch the moon and nor the night may supercede the day. And each one isfloating in an orbit. (36:40)

However, in order to make eclipse happen, it is necessary the sun and moon to catch each other. since, the moon is invisible at that time, the authors of the Koran have never paid attention to this process.

The reason of the solar eclipse is the moon that was known to Greek scientists 1000 years before the reveal of the Koran and information about this didn’t pass by Arabia. However, should not we be wondered by this verse above that point to the fact that the sun did not catch the moon, but the distance between them is 150 km and each of them keep circling around their own orbits, should we? Only terrestrial observer can come to the conclusion that the solar eclipse happened because the moon caught the sun, but Allah who is all knowing. Indeed, the sun is moving towards its destination (according to Koran it is 5 days) and one (some) day the sun will reach it.

Afterwards, during the discussion of the Day of Resurrection , the authors of Koran state that the moon eclipse( which is possible if only the sun and moon is located in different sides of the Earth) happens when eventually the sun and moon catch each other.

He asks, when will be the Day of Resurrection? But when the eyes is dazzled. And the moon is eclipsed. And the sun and the moon will be joined together.( 75:6-9)

The fact that the sun will converge with the moon demonstrates not only that they will catch each other, but that the authors of Koran believed in similar size of these two objects. The authors of Koran did not understand that the sun and moon are the reasons of the eclipse and not only two testing objects.

According to astronomer B.A.Voroncov-Velyaminov: “the expression of “new stars” has been passing from the ancient times and this expression really was given to the stars that were considered as “new ones”. The star that was seen with the naked eye was known from the ancient times, but stellar brightness has grown by thousand times in a short period of time due to its sudden blaze and demonstrated itself like a new star.... this type of blaze happens only in very hot and relatively free stars.” There are some assumptions that all new stars are binary stars. If it is the truth, in that case our sparkle doesn’t harm to the Sun. “if it is the truth” is one great astronomer-scientist’s words, who says “The sun wont burst” with hope mingled with suspicion. Nonetheless, 7th verse of one sure forewarns about: enough, when eyes dazzle... this warning must be in the limelight of the humankind. Any verse of Koran does not have sayings, like astronomy, about being the earth the center of the universe, or that whole universe is tilting around the earth or any deification about the Earth.

We have seen above that there are different views on enlarging the size of the sun, and that one day it will gobble up first Mercury and then Venus that are orbiting around it. It means, our sun will turn to red giant and may swallow the moon that is as 9th verse says the sun and moon will unit with each other. Many of us have heard that in Judgment Day the sun will be in meridian above all people.

As stated above with some suspicion, the sun may swallow the earth as well. However, according to the verse the sun will swallow the moon not the earth. Hence, until that the sun will be transferred into red giant and come closer to the earth. In addition, it may be like the sky is covered with the sun completely. There are not only slow changes, but also rapid and fatal changes may happen in the stars world.

For example, during one year period on star that is small in appearance may glitter like an enormous star and approximately during the same time its brightness may decrease. Consequently, it may turn into neuron star. Therefore, modern science confirms the fact that evolutional process in a star that happens for billions of years, may past instantly. Probably, the evolution process of the sun and the star may end with only one blaze and when it happens as the verse says it will dazzle eyes.

They also did not understand that the sun is the reason of not only day, but a night. From Koran’s points of view night is just the absence of the day. day and night – these are two separate entities created by Allah.

You cause the night to enter into day and cause the day to enter into night, and bring forth the living from thedead and bring forth the dead from the living, and provide whomsoever You please with out reckoning (3:27)

Undoubtedly, in the creation of heavens and earth and in the mutual alternation of night and day, there aresigns for men of understanding.( 3:190)

And it is He who stretched the earth and made therein anchors and rivers, and He made two kinds of everyfruit in the earth. He covers the night with the day. No doubt in that are signs for a people who reflect. (13:3)

And that is because, Allah causes the night to enter into the day, and causes the day to enter into the nightand that Allah is Hearing, Seeing. (22:61)

Day and night are creations that are totally independent from the sun, moon or other celestial objects. There is no hint about being the sun a reason of initiation day and night.

Undoubtedly, your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and earth in six days, then established Himself onthe Throne befitting to His Dignity. He covers the night and day by each other following it swiftly, and madethe sun and moon and stars all subservient to His command. Behold! His is the creation and command. Blessedis Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. (7:54)

Allah Is He who made the heavens and earth and caused water to come down from the heaven, then Heproduced some fruits therewith for your food, and He made the ships subservient to you that they may sailthrough the sea by His command and made the rivers subservient to you.

And He made the sun and moon subservient for you, which are constantly moving, and made the day andnight subservient for you.( 14:32-33)

And it is He Who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Each one is floating in acircumference. (21:33)

'O Listener! Have you not seen that Allah brings night in the day and makes the day in the night and He madethe sun and the moon to serve, each pursues its course till an appointed time -and that Allah is Aware of yourworks? (31:29)

He made the heavens and earth with truth. He rolls the night around the day and He rolls the day around thenight and He has employed the sun and the moon into service. Each moves to an appointed term. Do youhear? He is the Dignified, the Forgiving (39:5)

If the sun is not a reason of initiation of the day and night, then what is its mission(destination) apart from being the brightest lamp in between? There is simple answer: the mission of these two lamps is to help people to calculate the time and conduct a calendar.

He brings forth the dawn after cleaving the darkness and He has made the night for rest and the sun and moon as reckoning. This is the measurement of the Mighty, the Knowing.( 6:96)

The differentiation of the day and night is described very fascinating in Koran. Dark is not related to the Earth, but the day and night is related only to the Earth and its tilting around its own axis. If the Earth does not tilt around its axis the conceptions of the day and night will be absent. The day and night is linked to the Earth and one appears at the expense of another.

From the stated above verses “And it is He Who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Each one is floating in acircumference” and “It is not for the sun that it might catch the moon and nor the night may supercede the day. And each one is floating in an orbit” it is clearly seen that the sun, moon including the day and night is moving along their own orbits in the universe. The movement of the sun and moon was possible to watch thousand, million and even billion years ago, but who and when has watched the movement of the day and night along the orbit? Who can doubt to the divinity of these two words? This verse clearly demonstrates the fact of the spherical from of the Earth and its tilting about its axis one time as well as the movement of the earth along its own orbit on the universe. is it possible to express the tilting of the earth about its axis and the sun with like divine words, it is?. if a verse has very simple words like “the earth is revolving around the sun” then this internet-commentator and his friends will say that these words are written according to the conclusions of Greek scientists.

In Koran authors’ opinion there was no necessity to describe the nature and structure of the earth, so its habitants have known all needed information about the earth. Nevertheless, there are some descriptions of the earth that may lead to quite interesting conclusions.

Initially, according to Koran the earth is flat. The authors of Koran often used the words “stretch” and “spread” in order to describe the earth. These words were used by Arabs regarding to the carpet. Obviously, the earth compares with a carpet in Koran.

And We have stretched the earth and put therein anchors, and caused to grow therein everythingproportionately. (15:19)

He Who made the earth for you as a bed and laid for you walking paths in it and sent down rain from the sky.And thereby We brought forth-varied pairs of vegetation.( 20:53)

He, Who made the earth a bed for you and made pathways therein for you that you, may be guided. (43:10)

And the earth We have spread it out, and placed there in anchors of mountains and caused to grow thereinevery beautiful pair. (50:7)

And We have made the earth a floor, and what an excellent spreader We are. (51:48)

And it is He who stretched the earth and made therein anchors and rivers, and He made two kinds of everyfruit in the earth. He covers the night with the day. No doubt in that are signs for a people who reflect. (13:3)

And Who made the earth a bed for you, and the sky a structure and caused water to come down from heavenhence brought forth therewith some fruits for your food, therefore do not set up equals for Allah knowingly. (2:22)

And after that, he spread out the earth. And Allah has made the earth for you as a bed spreading. (79:30)

Have We not made the earth a bed, (78:6)

Do they not look at the camel, how created? And at the heaven, how it has been raised high? And at the mountains, how they have been set up? And at the earth, how it has been spread out? (88:17-20)

And by the earth and its Expansionist. (91:6)

Generally, the question about description of shape of the earth in Koran is vital issue between the adherents of this Holy Koran and people who doubt to revealing it by Allah.

I have read Uzbek translation of Koran for 30 times, compared it with the Russian translation and conclude that:

First of all, there is no precise evidence about the shape of the earth in Koran. In Koran’s verses about the shape of the earth Allah says: “we spread out the earth”. There is no verse like “we create flat or plane and round earth”. In Krachkovskiy translation this verse is interpreted like: “and then He spread out the Earth”, and in Porohova’s: “afterwards, He spread out the earth”. The word “spread out” in Uzbek has many meanings: spread out, open widely, wide apart, release, strew and stretch out.

In addition Koran mentions that the earth would be flatter than it is if there wont be any mountains.

And the Day We shall cause the mountains to move and you will see the earth clean open and We shall rise them, then We shall not leave any one of them(18:47)

From this verse it is clearly seen that if it is necessary the verse has saying about flat earth that is the earth will be flat in Judgment Day.

If we once more look at the following verse: And it is He Who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Each one is floating in acircumference.( 21:33)

We can see that the earth has spherical shape and is tilting around its axis and revolving around the sun permanently.

6-7 th verses of Naba surah say the following: 6th verse: did not we make the earth a bedding; 7th verse: and mountains as pillars”. In Uzbek translation these verses are given like: 6th verse: don’t we make the earth bedding; 7th verse: and don’t we make the mountains as stakes (that hold the earth).

As a matter of fact, it seems to human being that mountains hold the earth. (There is no myth about three oxen that holds the earth. these three oxen are on the fish that is over the water). From the verse stated above we understand that mountains locate on the basis of the earth. In reality, all astronauts that look at the earth from the space were witnesses of being mountains as lag in respect of the earth habitants. Mountains of the Eurasia and African continents are pillar, leg for American continent’s people, while America’s mountains are abutment to the Eurasia and African people. Due to this fact, it will be easier to imagine the spherical shape of the earth, if we understand mountains as pillars of the earth.

There is one unclear aspect in Islamic cosmology: Koran mentions some 7 grounds, but does not give any explanations what it is( although, some ones prefer to understand under 7 earths the layers of geosphere).

Allah is, it is He, who made seven heavens, and of the earth their like(65:12 )

It is understandable with 7 vaults of the heaven, while the expression of 7 earths is totally incomprehensible. koran only mentions that objects may

It is He Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then seated Himself upon the Throne befitting toHis Dignity. He knows what penetrates in the earth and what comes forth from it, and what comes down fromheaven and what ascends into it. And He is with you wherever you may be. And Allah is seeing your works. (57:4)

It can be concluded hat these 7 earths are similar to pile of coins.

From this internet-commentator’s addressed verse “Allah is, it is He, who made seven heavens, and of the earth their like it is clearly seen that Allah created seven heavens and seven earths.

Now we have come to complete and final conclusion about seven heavens. In my opinion, it will be mistaken to understand seven, earth as seven layers of earth as this Russian intelligent does. it is commonly known that so far the solar system consists of nine planets.

10 years ago scientists come to consclusion that pluton mismatch to be a planet and the number of planets decreased to 8 ones. Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun among all 8 planets. There is no precise information on how it became a planet. The main hypothesis about occurrence of planets is – nebular hypothesis.

since XIX century, hypothesis dominates in science: initially mercury was a moon of venus and afterwards the sun pull it to itself. in 1976, tom van flandern and k. r. harrington by mathematical calculations confirmed this hypothesis appropriate. therefore, we have 7 planets and as all these planets are travelling in the universe, according to the koran verse we may conclude that the earth is planet as well.

Apart from this may be this verse Allah is, it is He, who made seven heavens, and of the earth their like” is pointing to the existence of seven earths that have all living conditions, creatures, the vegetable world that like in our earth. In that case, we can come to the conclusion that there are other 7 earths that are similar to ours and maybe one day humankind discovers these miracles as well.

Then He completed them as seven heavens in two days and He sent to each heaven the commands of its ownfunction. And We adorned the lower heaven with lamps and for protection. This is the decree of theHonourable. The All Knowing.( 41:12)

Tafsir ibn Kasira who is authoritative among Muslims, disclose the meaning of this verse likewise: this concerned verse contains evidence that Allah started with creation of the earths, and only after their completion created seven heavens. it can be observed in construction of buildings, constructing stars upward. commentators have said about it, and we will make it clear later with the will of God.

Now, from these given verses of Koran we can conclude that Allah firstly created heavens and then the earth. However, if it is impossible not to take into consideration the conclusions of verses of Koran and if we take into account the verses of two surahs of Koran and the fact that the earth is a part of the universe, we can conclude that the earth and heaven were created at the same time. However, the heaven was completed in two days, while the creation of the earth took other 4 days additionally. Here, our opinion can be supported by Koran verses that lead us to the conclusion of the earth getting spherical shape gradually.

aaccording to one legend, one sheikh was going to prey before the sunset and went to the river leaking below his home in order to wash. On his way he scolds her wife regarding some issues who was going to prepare the dinner. When he was dressing off in a seaside in order to wash, he looked around and in himself with suspicion: did Allah create this entire world in 6 days?Afterwards he dived into the water. When he came out of water, he was turned to 18 years old girl with long hair and puffy breast. He was scared of his appearance and didn’t know how to cover himself. At this very moment one Bedouin rider came, picked him up, mount him onto horse and take him away home. Bedouin make him his junior wife. The sheikh lived with this Bedouin 30 years and beard him 9 children. Bedouin was very cruel and treated his junior wife cruelly. Finally, the sheikh fed up with his life and wanted to commit a suicide. He went to the river near to Bedouin’s house and plunged into the water. However, the desire of living has overcome: when it was impossible to breath, the sheikh came to the surface by floundering, looked around and realized that he has just come out of the water at the same place where he came for washing. He has washed up very rapidly, dressed on, wound round his turban round his head and went home where he has seen that his wife was tired of waiting of the oil to ignite.

Maybe this legend is only a fiction, but maybe this story took place in reality......anyway, we should think of not being in such an awkward situation as Sheikh.

Mansurkhan Tairov,

The doctor of physics-mathematics science, professor

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