Oybek (1905-1968)

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Muso Tashmuhammad ugli (son of) Oybek was born in Tashkent in 1905. He studied at teachers technical college, and at Central Asian State University. He came in literature with his poem "Ishchiga" which was published in 1926 and with work "Tuygular" was published in 1926. Oybek described human feelings and great uphearal in lyric poetry and had a great progress in his poems as "Namatak", "Uzbekistan", "Kuyosh ulkasiga".

Especially, such novels as "Kutlug qon", "Ulug yo'l", "Navoi" were the great event in the history of Uzbek literature. The novels "Uch", "Bahtigul va Sog'indiq", "Davrim jarohati" by Oybek took appropriate place in the treasure of Uzbek epos.

Oybek left unwipping mark in Uzbek literature by translating (the poem) the novel in poem "Yevgeniy Onegin" by Pushkin.

His works:
Mukammal asarlar to’plami. 20 jildlik. Toshkent, “Fan”, 1990-1995.

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