Azam Abidov

Category: Uzbek modern poetry Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013


Be a skillful finder, my sad lot –
While you have a moving helping hand.
No happy life – for sure – could be bought,
Your misfortune – no one – could amend.

Be a skillful finder, my sad lot,
Open wider your wise-looking eyes.
Put my blessings to your heart a lot,
Don’t take my hurt before demise.

I will find a beloved

Night falls and my soul worries,
Hey, miracle, please show your face,
My exhausted feelings are confused,
I am poor, I am alone.

My eyes, please cry bitter tears,
You may become blind; it is alright for me,
There is no room on this earth for me,
Will the sky take me to its bosom?

Hey, Moon, do not hurt my heart
Do not hide yourself behind the night
Please be a window
To the country of miracles.

Through the lights of stars
I will reach to you
And when I go further
I will not become a man from the earth.

I will find a beloved there
The purest and the cleanest
I will give her a name – Faithful,
Her surname will be – Miracle.

Night falls, and my heart hurts…

Oh, my blossoming soul

My strength is enough to shed tears from my eyes,
I tie up chains to my hands,
I always drink love
And eat a love-thorn with great pleasure.

To our life that is mournful and brilliant
Phoenix comes asking refuge
We fly, and to our wings
The sky comes closer and closer.

I don’t care about my body,
Oh, my blossoming soul is the capital of my spirit.
In the slum which is unseen and full of love
A pregnant Happiness bears a child.

Do not let me dream

Do not let me dream, my dear fellow,
Do not help me when I faint away.
Those past years have made me mellow.
Let me please inspire your intentions,
I kindly ask to let my hands aid
What you need, take, do not be afraid…
Feathers of my wish I start to trim –
To let others have a long, long dream.

In your soul (ghazal)

Tell me, o devoted, who else is in your soul?
Do you really want me to go hence in your soul?

I wear my sunglasses to hide myself from a rival,
It seems there is not contact lens in your soul.

You hurt my pride; however, I’m not domineering,
I found the face of shame is too dense in your soul.

It’s my fault – to ring aloud – before you fell in love,
I could not hang acoustic bells in your soul.

Belief’s in blood, no mercy, again to whom I cry,
Aazam, poor and naïve, is on sale in your soul.

I am clay

I am clay –
Liquid and weak.
I have neither tongue
Nor mouth, to speak.
Everyone likes
To make some figure
To make a shape
From me.
I am clay –
Liquid and weak.
I always go
Through palms.
I leak…
I leak…


Here is the formula:
“Life = Plus + Minus”
How can I see the right way
If I am eyeless?!


Referring to the Lord
A worshiper cries:
“See, there are such a lot
Of wherefores and whys.”

Referring to the Lord
A worshiper cries:
“I can not afford
To tell you lies.”

Angels in the sky
Look at the earth:
“If there is a lie,
There’s no happiness or mirth!”

Gabrel, touch me gently (Ghazal)

Gabriel, touch me gently with your wings,
Oh, my gracious – from backstage – woe stings.

Graves are either gardens of endless delight
Or deep holes down to hell, where evil flings.

I want to be a spot in the hair of a camel,
Like a leaf, my life in windy weather swings.

The task of time is killing off all lavish gifts,
It never comes anew – life chimes – it never rings.

Among the dead, be the most attractive, Aazam,
As Solomon is the best of all earthy kings!

Virgin dreams

Every night a star touches my eyelash,
The Moon comes out of my eyebrows,
Having knocked at the door of my soul
The sorrowful night becomes a guest of my eyes,
where there is love.

Every night, I cannot ignore that virgin dreams
Press my chest and pull me to the sky.
Virgin dreams revolve here and there and say
“You are not with us, sorry, we, ourselves, cannot fly.”


It is understandable
To accept a bribe and to give it
In business or social life.
People kill me with a blunt knife –
They give and take bribes
To go to Mecca
For purification.

Horned pilgrimage.


I always look for shadow
Everything is obscure though
The sky sleeps in my eyes,
The Moon is slice and slice.
I’ll find the right shadow
In the doomsday meadow –
When everything fades,
Will be seen God’s shade.

I miss

I miss,
Trees begin to sing,
The Sun proceeds swimming.
Time goes on again on the terrace.
Do you remember me, bliss?
How can I get rid of this mortal music
Which makes me recall the past?
Even without any arid pleasure
I miss,
I miss…

Near and far

Dread is near to me
Near to my soul, as I am afraid of it
I run away
I flee
And I am far from wit

There is only one thing:
When I fear Him
I will come so near
With my everlasting fear.


What I’ve already seen,
White and black or green
Is nothing at long last,
We’re still on the go.

A dead ant in the grass,
Without any fuss
Had experience so vast
Of things
Ages ago.

God is sleeping

The old serpent is sitting on my shoulder,
I cannot open my eyes,
I cannot open my lips
to thank God.

In addition to this it’s raining.

I am growing stout – what is more.

God is sleeping in my heavy heart.


The soul fills with liberty
Keen light looks like your sad hope
You never dreamt of.

Too long

strive to go to rich countries
send our husbands and wives
they do hard work
or sell themselves

The other people in this country
have luxurious weddings
from the sent money
and sing a song of happiness

We all work for the government

The tongue of the government is too long.


Let me go, take your hands out of my heart,
Set free my soul that is on your way.
Good-bye to you, dream, which helped me recognize myself,
Good-bye, this place, which is full of grief.

Let me go, I have to avoid delight,
After all, our ways will become different.
I know, you will stay like a virgin, very pure like you are now,
Perhaps I will not be able to live in liberty.

Let me go, and I will ask God to give you long innings,
Let me go, I wish to get rid of everything.
My heart, having stumbled at your permission,
Even if I die with my white and pure love,
Let me go!

A poem of equality

Who you are –
A white man,
or red,
You are a boon companion or a threat.
To put yourself first
how can you well afford,
But look here –
You’re a human being from the Lord!

Who you are –
A Muslim,
You adore –
On men -
To play a trick,
With the others
will you not accord,
But remember,
You’re a human being from the Lord!

You are my brother,
You are my sister,
God will look at
not your varied colors, -
But at your heart
And at your good intentions
So, why kill each other,
Why fight,
We are equal
and we all have
the same right!

May God take
in due course
our lives.
Just tell me,
does friendship
have a price?
We were given time –
Very short


we all return back to the Lord!

Who you are –
A white man,
or red,
You are a boon companion or a threat,

Pass these words
to others in a cord:
We’re one human being from the Lord!

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