Said Ahmad (1920-2007)

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The famous Uzbek writer Said Ahmad (Saidahmad Husanho’jaev) was born on 10 th of June 1920 in “Samarkand darvoza” community (mahalla) of Tashkent. His childhood was accompamed by such writers as A. Qodiriy, Oybek, Gafur Gulom. Being curious by nature and restless Said Ahmad had tried himself in many spheres before he came into the literature: he made agitating placards, tried to become an actor, studied at medical and technical schools, attended a school of art, was a pupil of the famous photographer Renson, used to write articles for newspapers having studied some period of time in the pedagogical institute, he worked for the magazine “Mushtum”. He worked at the republic’s radio in 1942-1943, at the newspaper “Qizil O’zbekiston” (1943-1947), at the journal “Sharq yulduzi” (1948-1950). In the beginning of 50’s he was even impresonned for several years as a nationalist.

Said Ahmad was awarded with title “The Hero of Uzbekistan” in 1999 for his contribution into achieving of the National Independence.

Said Ahmad is famous for his short stories, such moral values as faithfullness, kindness, humanity, faith and confidence are effectively reflected in his stories like “Cho’l burguti”, “Lochin”, “Bo’ston”, “To’yboshi”, “Jimjitlik”, “Turnalar”, “Hayqiriq”, “Alla”, “Muhabbatning tug’ilishi”, “Qorako’z Majnun”.

The stories written by the writer are read well enthusiasm because of that a great attention is paid to the description of various sides of human psichology in them and Said Ahmad in considered as a poet of prose. The writer is a creator who continued A. Qahhor’s traditions of writing comic stories. Some faults of human nature is literarily researched in lot of his comics of comic saying and makes use of it skillfully.

Said Ahmad writes in almost all the genres of prose. The stories discribing a country-life “Qadrdon lolalar” (1949) and “Hukm” (1958), the trilogy “Ufq” (The Horizon) which consists of “Qirq besh kun” (1974), “Hijron kunlari” (1964), “Ufq bo’sag’asida” (On the threshold of the horizon, 1969), where the mixed human destinies are described, the novel “Jimjitlik” (1988) where a human destiny in described in the bachground of misery of the period of stagnation, “Sherzod va Gulshod” (1945) about children’s life, “Kelinlar qo’zg’oloni” (1976) which was widely spread to all 7 sides of the world, “Kuyov” (1986) where an old lonely man’s sufferings are described such stage-works of the writer prove his great creative potential.

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