Muhammad Yusuf (1954-2001)

Category: Literature of Independence period Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013

He was born on 26 th of April in 1954 in Markhamat district in Andijan. He graduated from the institute of Russian language and literature (now The Uzbek State World Languages University, from 1994). He worked in these places such as: in Booklovers’ Society of Republic (1978-1980), in the paper which is called “Toshkent oqshomi” (1980-1986), in the Publishing house of “Adabiyot va san’at”, in the paper, which is called “Uzbekiston ovozi” (1986-1993).

In the last 4-5 years of his life he became secretary of The Authours Society. He is the authour of the collections: “Tanish teraklar” (Familiar poplars) (1985), “Bulbulga bir gapim bor” (I want to talk to nightingale / I’ve got a sentence to the nightingale, 1987), “Iltijo” (Entreaty, 1988), “Uyqudagi qiz” (A girl who is in a sleep, 1989), “Khalima enam allalari” (The lullabies of grandmother Khalima, 1989), “Ishq kemasi” (The ship of Love, 1990), “Ko’nglimdagi yor” (A beloved who is in my soul, 1991), “Bevafo ko’p ekan” (Faithless are seemed to be a lot, 1991), “Erka kiyik” (Milksop Deer, 1992), “Yolg’onchi yor” (A Beloved who is a lier, 1994), “Osmonimga olib ketaman” (I’ll bring you to my sky, 1998). In 1998 he was awarded with the title of The Peoples’ poet of Uzbekistan. He was elected as a deputy of “Oliy Majlis” (House of Parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In 2001 his “Selection” had been published. M. Yusuf could perform turning the poem into song and flying the poem high. In each word of the poet’s verses there are patience and willingness to fly.

The great love, undischarged duty, the non-execution of the unrespected love, the faithfulness of sonness to the country – are based on the poems of the poet.

M. Yusuf died on the 29 th of July in 2001. He was buried in the grave of his village.

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