Muhammadsharif Sofizoda (1880-1937)

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Muhammadsharif Sofizoda was a poet, teacher, traveler and statesman. He was born in the family of craftsmanship. He was educated in madrasahs of Kokan. He began his literary works in 1890. He was in close relation with the poets of Kokan, who where in one literary trend. He was interested in creative activity.

At the end of 1913 he opened the school of jadid’s system in Chust. But the governors were against to his school and his school was closed. He was made to leave his country.

He worked in the Ministry of Education of Afganistan in 1918-1919. He came back to his country at the end of 1919.

Lyric gazals, the humours “Dakaning”, “Bedanang”, the poems “O’qing onalar”, “Gazeta to’g’risida”, “Vatan”, “Xonimlar isminda”, “Chustiylar bizlar” which are written about education prove us the poet’s being very skilled.

The spirit of national awakening is given in his works.

So’fizoda was in chose relations with the famous Azerbayjan statesmen Jalil Mamatqulizoda and Sobir Toirzoda, who were editors-in-chiefs of magazines of “Mulla Nasriddin” and “Xo’p-xo’pnoma”.

Professor of National University of Uzbekistan Begali Qosimov has been making research work on So’fizoda’s life and literary activity. He printed some research work about him. S. Ahmedov collected his works and printed them.

Before them, the scientists such as Miyon Buzruk Solihov, T. Rasulov made some research works on his literary activity.

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