Abdulla Avloni (1878-1934)

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Abdulla Avloni was born on July 12th 1878 in Mergancha neighborhood of Tashkent. When he was 7 he studied in an old school. Akramhon domla taught him. In 1890 he began to study in the medrassah in Mergancha. Then mullah Omar Ohun tought him at Abdumalikboy's madrassah. He was interested in literature.

He founded the school usuli Jadid in Murobod in 1904. In 1914-15 he worked with the lawyer Ubaydulla Hojaev at "Sadoi Turkiston" hewspaper. Most of the poems and articles in the newspaper were Avloni's.

Avloni was busy with creative and practical work. He wrote his poems under the penname "Hijron". His articles were published under the hames "Mulla Abdulla", "Avloni", "Abdulla Avloni". Later he mostly used the nickname "Indamas" (Silent).

In 1909 he founded "Jamiyati Hayriya" the gathered and distributed money to teach local children.

At the end of 1913 the society "Turon" was founded through the initiative of well-known Tashkent Jadids, supporters of development.

One of the responsible person was Avloni Theatre troop was founded under the community. The first play which was staged by the troop was "Padarkush" by Behbudi.

Avloni wrote plays "Advokatlik osonmi", (Is it easy to be the lawyer), "Pinak", "Biz va siz" (We and you), "Ikki sevgi" (Two loves), "Portugaliya Inqilobi" (Portuguese revolution) for the troop. Plays like "Kotili karima", "Uy tarbiyasining bir shakli", "Hiyonatkor oilasi", "Badbaxt kelin", "Hor-hor", "Jaholat", "O'liklar" were translated into tartar, azerbaijan.

Avloni published the newspaper "Turon" with (under) the motto "Yashasin Halq Jamiyati!" after the February events in 1917.

He was the author of the books "Birinchi muallim" (First teacher), "Ikkinchi muallim" (Second teacher), "Maktab gulistoni", "Turkiy Guliston yohud ahloq", "Adabiyot yohud milliy sherlar".


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