Hoji Muin (1883-1942)

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Hoji Muin was a talanted representative of national renaissance of Samarkand literary trend. He was a journalist, a poet, a playwriter and a translater. He was born in the 19 th of March in 1883 in Samarkand’s Ruhobod district. He studied at an old school. His teacher who tought him was Saidahmad Vasliy from Madrasah. He independently learnt Russian language and European culture. In 1901 he began teaching profession. He opened a school “Usuli jadid” in his district in 1903.


For thus school in 1908 there was published a book “Rahnomai Savod”. Then he began to work at Behbudiys newspaper “Samarkand” and magazine “Oyna” from 1913. In 1914 he opened his own “Usuli jadid” school named “Tarbiat” in his house.

Hoji Muin began to appear in the Press with his poems and articles in Uzbek and Tajik from 1910. His poem collection “Guldastai adabiyot” was published in 1914. In 1916 Hoji Muin as many others was taken to daily work and was sent to the back front. After the February incidents on May 1917 he could return to his motherland and began working at the Press. He has worked with Fitrat at “Hurriyat” newspaper.

On 11 June 1918 he organised the newspaper “Mehnatkashlar tovushi”. He worked there as an editor. By his initiative there was published as an appendix to the newspaper the title of humorous magazines “Tayoq” in 1920. He worked as a press commissioner at “Zarafshon” newspaper from 1922. The famous Samarkand’s poet created a magazine “Mashrab” which gave education to whole generative. In 1926 he worked as an editor in “Ovozi Tojik” newspaper and magazine which was attached to the “Ovozi Tojik” the “Mulla Mushfiqiy” there he worked as a secretary. He also continued his favourite work teaching.

In 1929 he was blamed for unsocial activities and exiled to Sibiria, district “Pugachan”. The writer returned to his Motherland in 1932. He worked as a lilterary worker and translator at the Tajik department of the Uzbek State Publicy. He also worked at the military newspaper “Qizil yulduz” from 1934-37. He was blamed by the Soviet government again and sent to prison to 10 years, and on 21 June in 1942 the writer died in Solikamsk town perm region. In 1963 poet was found not guilty. He published and gave informations about his literary, scientifical and social works, there were published in 23 newspapers and journals 200 articles, 400 different informanions about 1500 Uzbek and Tajik poems.

His main works were “She’rlar to’plami” (1400 misra), “Eski va birmuncha yangi she’rlar to’plami” (1500 misra), “Alfozi mutafodifa”, “O’zbekcha maqollar”, “Tojikcha maqollar”, “Tarjimai ahvol”, “Tanqidiy maktublar”, “Alifbolar tarixchisi”. Bu his “Behbudiyning tarjimai holiga oid materiallar”, “Taraddudoti Zavjot”, “Xotiralarim” works weren’t finished.

During the years of finishing illiteracy he made up a course “O’qituvchi” and alphabet with Ismatulla Rahmatullazoda.

Hoji Muin wrote 7 plays as a playwriter. His plays “Juvonbozlik qurbonlari”, “Boy ila xizmatkor”, “Qozi ila muallim” were not found. The others “To’y”, “Eski maktab – yangi maktab”, “Mazluma xotin”, “Ko’knori” were published.

Hoji Muin was also a translater. He translated Turkish “Xulosaiqavoidi forsiy” and from Farsiy “Buxoro sayohati” Fitrat from Turkish into Uzbek. His story “Chaqirilmagan qo’noq” was one of his not published works. Some of those works were lost.

In 1915 Hoji Muin made up the collection of contemprary Turkistan poets named “Yangi avlod” for the third form of primary school. He has left hundreds of articles as a yournalist. They contain ardinary informations and litarary – biolographical articles.

The main ideas of his works are finish the ignogrance, to honour the scientice and the idea of national frudom and independence. The professors of NUU B. Qosimov and Sh. Rizayev study Hoji Muin life and activity. B. Qosimov painted out Hoji Muin in his book “Milliy uyg’onish: Jasorat, Ma’rifat, Fidoyilik”.

In 1997 Sh. Rizaev published author’s “Eski maktab, yangi makbat”, “Mazluma xotin”, “Ko’knori”, “To’y” plays.

The published works:

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