Saifi Saroi (1323-1396)

Category: Literature of Temurid's period Published: Sunday, 02 September 2012

Saifi Saroi was one of the outstanding representatives of Uzbek classic literature. He was born in Kamishli village (Horezm), he lived and wrote in Sarai – the capital of the Golden Orda. Last years of his life he spent in Egypt.

Only part of his poetic works reached till our days: some gazels, kasidas, kityas, rubais, a poem “Suhail and Guldursun” (1934) and his Uzbek translation of Saadi Sherazi’s work “Guliston bit-turki” (1390-1391).

Some of his works were published in “Turk adabiyoti namunalari” collection. His poem takes a great place in Uzbek poetry development. The poem is built according to folk legend tradition “Guldursun”.

It contains historical events of the Great Timur’s campaign to Horezm.


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