Atoi (XIV-XV century)

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The development of Uzbek poetry in XV century is connected with Atoi’s creative works. He lived in Balh. He was the son of Ismoil-Shayh, who was one of the representatives of tarikat Ahmad Yassavi.

It is only one well-known collection where there are 200 gazelles (poems), which is kept in St.Petersburg’s department of Russian Academy of Sciences #22 B-2456. When Ulugbek invited the scientists and poets to his palace Atoi was among them.

He devoted his talent to the perfection genre of gazelle. The principal quality of Atoi’s poetry is its profound lyric the simplicity of language and melodious. Atoi’s creative works are connected with folk poetry. His style gave a chance to people easily to understand gazelles.

The published works:

E.Rustamov. Uzbekskaya poeziya pervoy polovini 15 veka. (Uzbek poetry in the early XV th century) - M. 1963
S.Rafiddinov. Majoz va haqiqat - Tashkent, 1998.


Atoi. Gazallar /author E.Rustamov/ Tashkent, 1958.
Atoi. Gazallar in Book: Hayot vasfi. Tashkent, 1988.

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