Horazmi (XIV century)

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Horazmi is the pen name of the poet, his real name is unknown. Two copies of “Muhabbatnoma”, such as arabic and uigur versions are well known for the sphere of scientific world. Both of copies are kept in Eastern manuscripts museum in London.

“Muhabbatnoma” was made up lover’s lyric messages to beloved. The work consists of 11 messages (noma), 8 of them are in Uzbek, 3 of them (4,8,11) are in Persian-tajik. “Muhabbatnoma” was devoted to Muhammad Hujabek who was one of the governors of Oltin Urda.

Some scientists in oriental studies learnt on “Muhabbatnoma”’s copies in XVI century. Solih Kozimov did his canditate scientific thesis in 1948. Russian turkologist A.M.Shcherbak published both “Uguznoma” and “Muhabbatnoma” in uigur version in 1959.


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