Lutfiy (1366-1465)

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Lutfiy has the special place in the development of Uzbek poetry of XV century. Navoi characterized him as the “king of word”(malik ul kalom).

Lutfiy was born in Dehikanor near Herat where he was buried. There is information about his life and creative works in the works of Navoi and Hondamir. Poet left big literary heritage. In the resources you can find more than 20 works of poet. Nowadays we have only divan which is kept in Konya (Turkey). The creative works of poet began early and continued till his last days. Lutfiy translated “Zafarnama” (1437) by Sharafiddin Ali Yazdy, which was suggested by Shahruh. According to Navoi's "Majolisu-n-nafois", Lutfi wrote qasidas in Persian language.

Many scientists as Fitrat, E.Rustamov, E. Fozilov, S.Erkinov, E.Ishakov, E.Ahmadhojayev and others studied his creative works.


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