Abulgozi Bahodirhon (1603-1663)

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Bahodirhon was born in 1603 in the family of Arabmuhammad. Arabmuhammad was a ruler of Hiva. In 1616 when he was 13 he began to fight for the throne. In 1644 Bahodirhon conquered Horazm, and governed the country for 20 years. He is an auther of the famous historical works “Shajarai-tarokima”, Shajarai-Turk” and medical collection “Manofeul-inson”. “Manofeul-inson” contains information about 120 types of deseases, and the ways of the their treating. His “Shajarai turk” was written in 1661. This book is about the history to the origin of the Uzbek and Turkman people. It consists of 9 parts.

Abulgozi liked to describe the historical events and life-stories using literary colors as Bobur. “Shajarai-turk” attracted the attention of the Eastern, Western and Russian scientists. It was published several times in Kazan by Rumyantsev (1825), Sablukov (1854) and Demezon (1871). In 1871-1874 T.N. Demezon translated it into the French language. This work made him famous. The work also became famous in America, England and France. “Shajarai – Turk” and “Shajarai tarokima” have a great reputation in history. These works are considered to be the main source of information in studying the history of Uzbeks, Turkmans, Tadjiks and Mongols. Our scientists B.Ahmedov, K. Munirov, K. Yusupov, Y. Gulomov, M. Yuldashev used this book in their works. Also such linguists as A.N. Kononov, A.M. Sherbak and I.S. Ivanov used the information given in Abulqozi`s works. O. Sharafutdinov, M.Yusupov, V. Abdullayev studied it from the literary viewpoint. “Shajarai – Turk” was published in 1992 in Tashkent.

The copies of works of Abulqozi Bahodirhon are kept in the manuscript find of Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

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