Ubaydi (1487-1540)

Category: XVI - first half of XIX century Published: Saturday, 29 September 2012

He was Shaybonihon`s nephew. In 1533 – 1539 he was the governor of Buhara. He tried to improve a social and cultural life in the country.

The famous medrese “Mirarab” was built at that time. He imitated for Yassavi and wrote many poems. His files are kept on ASRUSI under the number 8931. Files contain such novels as “Devon”, “Gayratnoma”, “Sharqnoma”, “Kitobus-Salot”. Turk poems in Ubaydi`s “Devon” were published by the name “Vafo qilsang” (publisher A. Hayitmetov) M.Abdullyev did his thesis on this topic.

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