Sufi Allahyor (1644-1721)

Category: XVI - first half of XIX century Published: Saturday, 29 September 2012

He is a famous Uzbek writer and one of the leaders of Tasavvuf literature. He was born (1644) in “the Minglar” village. About ten of his age he went to Bukhara to study. When he was 25 years old he worked in the Custom-House. Later he was taught by Shaykh Navruz during 12 years. In 1721 he died in Vaxshivar. His grave is in that place.

Sufi Allahyâr is a significant scholar and a Sufi figure raised in Central Asia in the recent periods. He has revealed his level of knowledge by writing an Islamic law and catechism book entitled Meslekü’l-muttakîn. This book is a work of reference highly esteemed by the Central Asian Turks. Thanks to his books entitled Sebâtü’l-âcizîn and Murâdu’l-ârifîn, which tell about Sufism and moral virtues, he has been frequently read and deeply appreciated by people. Particularly, Sebâtü’l-âcizîn has been used as a course book during the first stage of madrasa education by Turkmen, Uzbek and other Turkic communities. Sebâtü’l-âcizîn can be considered as an example of Nasihat-nâmah genre (a piece of writing giving advice on religious issues), which comprises subjects on religion and sufism. Indeed, the book involves many religious topics ranging from issues of faith to information on Islamic Law, from religious stories and advice to certain Sufic information.

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