Boborahim Mashrab (1657-1711)

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Boborahim Mashrab was born in 1657. He went to Qashqar and increased his knowledge under supervision of Ofoq Hoja. From 1673 up to the end of his life he lived as a tramp. In 1711 he was murdered by hokim of Balh Mahmud Taragay. In M. Namangoniy`s “ Tazkiratul-avliyo”, I. Bogistoniy`s “Tazkirai-qalandaron”, M.Samarqandiy`s “Muzakkiri – ashob”, Hakimhon`s “Muhtabat – tavorih”, M.Olim`s “Ansobus-Salotin” we may find some information about his life and works.

More detailed information we find in “Qissai Mashrab” by Pirmat Setoriy. This work has many manuscripts and copies.

The Russian scientists N.I.Veselovskiy, N.S. Likoshin, V.L.Vyatkin expressed important ideas about Mashrab`s creative works in XIX-XX centuries. Also some specialists in Uzbek literature such as I.Sulton, V.Zohidov, I.Muminov, G.Gulom, A.Hayitmetov, A.Abdugafurov, E.Shodiyev, V.Abdullayev expressed their own opinion about Mashrab’s life and creative activity.

The works of Mashrab were published several times. (1958, 1960, 1963, 1971, 1979, 1990). His legacy was obtained from copies of “Qissai Mashrab” He wrote many poems under the pen-name of Rindiy, Umam, Mahriy and Zinda.

He wrote poems in Uzbek and Persian languages. His famous “Mabdai nur” and “Kimyo” also was presented untill our days. A long discussion has been going on concerning the problem of the author of these two pieces of literature. Some scientists think that these works belong to Mullo Ruziboy Ohund, the other say that he worked under the pen-name of Mashrabi Soni. But during the recent years some clarification had been introduced into this discussion. In 1997 “Mabdan Nur” (Commentary to Jaloliddin Rumiy`s “Masnaviy manaviy” was published as the work of Bobrahim Mashrab.


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