Jahonotin Uvaysiy (1781-1845)

Category: XVI - first half of XIX century Published: Saturday, 29 September 2012

Jahonotin Uvaysiy was born in Margilon. Her fahther Siddik bobo was the admirer of literature who wrote the poems in two languages. Her mother, Chinbibi was an otin. Her brother, Ohunjon was a singer. Her parents married her to Hijohon, a handicraftsman. She had children, Muhammadjon and Kuyoshhon. She became a widow.

She began to live with Nodira in Kokan in Han`s palace. She died at the age of 65 in 1845 in Margilon.

There are poems of Uvaysiy consisting of 15000 hemistiches. One of her devon is kept at the Institute of Academy of Science of Republic of Uzbekistan. (Inventory number 1837). The gazals, muhammas, musaddas, murabbas of the poetess and “Shahzoda Hasan”, “Voqeoti Muhammadalihon” poems are included to the devon. 3 copies of the poetess`s devon was found in the 60`s. Her works, devons are popular among people. There are 3 poems of Uvaysi. “Shahzoda Hasan”, “Shahzoda Husan”, “Voqeoti Muhammadalihon”.

The information about Uvaysiy`s life and creative works was mentioned in her works and in some tazkiras. The attention was paid to the poetess`s creative work in “Majmuatush-shoiron” tazkira (1824) written by Fazli Namangoniy. Studying her creative works on consecutive scientific method was begun in the 30s. In the 60s it increased to the high level.


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