Amir Umarhon (Amiriy) (1787-1822)

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He was born in Kokan. He was a major of Margilon in 1807-1810, and he was a han of Kokan in 1810-1822. He married to Mohlaroyim (Nodira), a daughter of Rahmonkulibiy, a major of Andijon in 1808.

He wrote “Devon”. He was the author of the poem“Umarnoma”. His works were announced in different bayozes. The collection “Muhabbatnoma” was written by his instruction and presented to Mahmud II, the haliph of Osman empire.

His “Devon” was published in Uzbek in 1972. His manuscripts and handwritings are kept at the Oriental Institute of Academy of Science of Republic of Uzbekistan under number of 3642, 4419, 90, 9993, 5065, 7489 II, 9917, 6745 I, 6672, 1880, 177, 98 III, 9765, 44, 4727 and at the Museum of Literature named after Alisher Navoi under numbers of 99, 153.

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