Shermuhammad Munis (1778-1829)

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Shermuhammad Munis was born in 1778 in the village of Kiyot near Hiva, in the family of Avazbi Mirob. His brothers and his father died in 1800. Avazbi was an inoh han in Horezm. Avazbi died in 1804, his son Eltuzarhon mounted the throne. He proposed Munis to write the history of Horezm. Munis begins writing his historical work “Firdavs-ul-iqbol”. It contains all events beginning from the ancient times up to 1813, the novel was finished by Ogahi. Munis died of plagin in 1829 when he was 51 years old. Munis completed the devan called “Munis-ul-ushshoq”. He translated from Persian into Uzbek Mirhand’s book “Ravzat-us-safo”. In 1804 he created the poem “Savodi ta`lim” devoted to the study of Arabic alphabet.

Munis complited the devon in 1804-1805. Later in 1813-1814 he wrote a more complicated devon. He named it “Munis-ul-ushshoq”. It contains about 8500 verses. Several copies of that devon were rewritten and republished are kept in the Manuscripts Fund of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. Poetical heritage of Munis makes up about 10000 bayts. He created nearly in all genres of classical literature.

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