Nodira – Komila (1792-1842)

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Nodira was born in the family of Rahmonkulibiy, major of Andijon in 1792. Her real name was Mohlaroyim. She married Amr Umarhon, major of Margilon at that time in 1808. She came to Kokan together with Umarhon who had come to the throne instead of his brother Olimhon. After the tragic death of Umarhon in 1822 she managed Kokan kingdom together with her son Madalihon. The medrasah, mosque, karavansarays were built by her instruction. She was a leader of the people of science and took care of poor people. She was killed by Amir Nasrulloh, Han of Buhara in 1842.

The poetic heritage of Nodira is known by the manuscripts of several devons (inventory number 7768, 660, 2090).

Nodira wrote the poems under the pen-names of Komila and Maknuna. She was a poetess who knew two languages. She wrote in Persian and Uzbek. Her work consisting of 10000 hemistiches is known.

She widely used a lot of genres such as a muhammas, ruboi, fard. As teachers she knew Navoi, Fuzuli and Bedil. Nodira`s life and creation began to be learned in her time. The historical novels such as “Muntahabut-tavorih” of Hakimhon Tora, “Tuhfatu-t-tavorih” of Avazmuhammad Attor, “Tarihi Fargona” of Isohon Tora, “Ansobu-s-salotin va tavorihi Havokin” of Mushrif and the stories “Voqeoti Muhammadlaihon” of Uvaysiy, “Haft Gulshan” of Nodir-Uzlat contain the valuable information about Nodira`s talent and activity.

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