Yusuf Hos Hojib (Bolosoguniy) (XI century)

Category: VIII - XIII centuries Published: Sunday, 02 September 2012

The first great epos “Kutadgu bilig” of the turkish people, which was created in the XI century. It contributed to the creation of the strong state of Karahanids at that moment. The epos was finished in 1073. The three copies of epos exist in Vena, Kahira and Namangan. The Namangan copy is the fullest one among those copies.

The philosophical system of following important problems includes the main meaning of “Kutadgu bilig”. It is about clever man, universal society and the formation of the state, about the character of a clever man and law to gain these characters, personal life, social and state profits and about the attitudes of the leaders.

Yusuf Hos Hojib calls for being aware of world events and for this purpose to get knowledge.

He teaches that the knowledge is such a great and valuable thing and people inspired by this, a man reaches his goals by the knowledge.

The published works:

Kutadgu bilig. Editor Q.Karimov, Tashkent, 1971.
Q.Karimov. Ilk badiiy doston (The first artistic epos) – Tashkent, 1976.
B.Tuhliev. Qutadg’u bilig”ning poetikasi masalalari (The problem of poetics in “Kutadgu bilig”), Tashkent, 1987.
B.Tuhliev. Bilim — ezgulik yo’li. (The knowledge is the way of kindness) – Tashkent, 1997.

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