Hoja Ahmad Yassavi (1105-1166)

Category: VIII - XIII centuries Published: Sunday, 02 September 2012

Ahmad Yassavi was tought by Arslonbob in Turkistan. Yassavi was a founder of the new tarika (trait). It was the first tasavvuf trait among turkish people. The name of Yassavi (jahriyya) became famous.

The purpose of Ahmad Yassavi’s tarika is suitable for the other tarika’s of the tasavvuf. The main thing in Yassaviya trait is the truth. At that time the most ancient turkic world outlook and faith are very great thing for Yassaviya trait.

Yassavi founded of the turkic trait literature. “Devoni Hikmat” was created for the purpose of analysing suffis possible means and spreading. The idea of divine love and enlightenment are the main things in “Devoni Hikmat”.

In the Oriental institute of the Academy of Science of Republic of Uzbekistan more than twenty works are kept, the most ancient of which refers to the 17th century.

The heredity of Yassavi and his works were studied by foreign scientists Y.Massignon, A.Arberry, M.Smith, H.Kisling, F.Mayer, A.Shimmel, K.Hartman, F.Kuprulu, I.Trimmingham, K.Eroslon, I.Shak, Devin Di Wiss, A.Krimskiy, E.Petrushevskiy, E.Bertolsom.

The published works:

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