Mahmud Koshgariy (XI century)

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Koshgariy’s birthyear is not exact. He finished his dictionary “Devonu lugati-t-turk” in 1068. Mahmud Koshgariy became a founder of turkology science with his “Devonu-lugati-t-turk”.

“Devonu-lugati-t-turk” is also the source of the history of tribes, who lived in Central Asia in the XI century. It gives also enough information about the history and activities of tribes of that time. For instance, the information about great tribes such as oguzs, karluks are the arguments for it.

“Devonu-lugati-t-turk” is a valuable memorandum as the literary source.

The poetical passages in the play give an opportunity to have a talk fully about literary life till the XI th century. Though the poetical passages were used for the explanation of a certain word, these passages give information about the development of lyric and epic genres in old turkish literature.

As a literary source “Divan” includes parts, songs, proverbs, for explaining definite words, which tell us about the development of lyrical and epical genres in ancient Turkish literature. In “Divan” there is met also the names of separate authors of that time (for example Chuchu).

In Uzbekistan “Divan” is published with dictionary and commentaries, scientific work of Fitrat are made, S.Mutallibov, A.Kayumov, T.Abdurahmonov, E.Umarov.

The works which have been done:

Abdurauf Fitrat. “Eng eski turk adabiyoti namunalari” (“The examples of the oldest turkish literature”) – Tashkent-Samarkand, 1927.
Devonu-lugati-t-turk (translator and editor Solih Mutallibov) Tashkent, 1960-1963 years.
A.Kayumov Ancient monuments – Tashkent, 1971.

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