Munavvarqori Abdurashidhon (1878-1931)

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This man belongs to the company of Mustafa Rashid Pasha from Turkey, Mirzo Fatholi Ohund from Azerbaijan, Ismailbek Gaspirali from the Crimea. Munavvarqori was shot in Moscow’s well-known turame Butirka on May 23, 1931 together with Salimhon Tillahonov, Said Ahrori, Tangriqul hoji Maqsudov, Najmiddin Shermuhammedov and was secretly buried in Vaganovo grave. These facts were published in Russian newspapers in 1992, 25th of May after 61 years. Later in 1997 in Uzbekistan this information became available, though the facts about his death had already been spread all over the world in 1933.

Mustafa Chuqayev informed the world about the misfortunes of Turkistan intellectuals in his magazine “Yosh Turkiston”(Yong Turkistan)January issue in 1934, published in Paris. He published articles and memorials about Munavvarqori. Munavvarqori had been acquitted much later than the other Jadids in April, 1999.

He joined the new organized Jadids. He was the first to open a school “Usuli Jadid”. He created alphabet and text-book like “Adibi avval”, “Adibi soni” and working out “Tajvid-al-Qur’an”, “El jusi” and published them. In 1901-1917 the text-books were published at least two or three times and most of them at 9-10 times separately.

The secondary school “Rushdiya” which was opened in Shajhhuvandtohur was named “Namuna” (“Exemplary”) which was suitable to its name. It was an example in the formation of Uzbekistan’s press. He was the organizer and the editor of the first Uzbek national newspaper “Tarakki” in 1906. That year he also published his newspaper “Hurshid”.

He created “Jamiati Hayriya” in 1909. He proclaimed society “Turon” in 1913. he organized “Maktab” (“School”), “Nashriyot” (“Publishing house”) under the society “Turon”. The library “Turon”, the club “Turon” and the newspaper “Turon” (1917) were founded. He wrote books in linguistics. The book “O’zbekcha til sarokligi” was written in 1925 with Kayum Ramazon and Shorasul Zunnun was his serious work in linguistics.

Munnavarqori. Hotiralarim (“My memorials”) (in uzb). Tashkent, 1991, 1994.

Scientific literatures:

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