Husainiy (Husain Baikara) (1438-1506)

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“Husaini” is the literary nickname of the well-known statesman of the Temurids dynasty of the 20th century of Husaini Baikara. Beginning of 1469 Husaini was Padishah of Horosan (the capital of Herat). During his governing the culture and art developed in Horosan. He was the protector and schoolmate of the great poet Navoi. He was involved in creation and left definite poetic heritage. By the evidence of Baburname in his divan, which reached us, all gazals were written in the same aruz meter (ramali, musamani maksur). In his poems the poet mainly glorifies love, expresses the nostalgia and emotions of sweethearts, using the original metaphors and comparisons.

Navoi in his anthology “Majolisu-n-nafois” (Collection of refineds) gives detailed value to creative word of Husaini: Sultan Husain Baikara created extraordinary clear, pleasant, emotional poems.

Husaini’s prose work (“Risola-Treatize”) is rich with literary observations. In this work he gives a high and objective value to Navoi’s creative work. The manuscripts of Husaini’s works are kept in the fund of the Institute of oriental studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. His divan was published several times in the 20th century.


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