Hojanazar Huvaydo (1720-1780)

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Huvaydo, son of Hujanazar was born in 1720 in Chimyon. He was originally from Osh. His father Goyibnazar was a murid of Ofok Hoja from Kashkar. He was famous in the East. At first Huvaydo studied at the medrese in Chimyon and then in Kokan. He died in 1780-1781.

Huvaydo`s divan was copied several times. The poet`s works contains poetic genre like gazal, ruboi qit’a, muhammas, musaddas, musamman, mustazod, masnaviy and his poem “Rohati dil” are included to the divan.

The poem consists of 30 chapters and the story of Ibrohim Adham. “Rohati dil” is a religios and didactic work. The idea common to all mankinds of Islam and mysticism are analyzed by didactic stories.

There are a lot of literature to study the creative work of Huvaydo. His works are published: Huvaydo. Tanlangan asarlar. (Selected works), Tashkent, 1961, T.Jalolov, Bonu, 1961.

The copies of manuscripts of Huvaydo`s works are kept at the different funds. (Devoni Huvaydo) Samarqand State University Foundamental Library, inventory number 3903; Bayozi Haziniy. Oriental Institute of Academy of Science of Republic of Uzbekistan, inventory number 4184.

The research works are also made at the National University of Uzbekistan on study of works by Huvaydo.

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