Muhammadniyoz Nishoti (1730-1790)

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Muhammadniyoz Nishofi was born in Horezm in 1730. His lyrical poems and epos “Husni dil” have been preserved up to present time. Muhammadniyoz Nishofi`s poems were collected in such sources as “Gazaliyot va muhammasoti Nishofi, “ Bayozi mutofarriqa”, “Bayozi majmuai ash`or”.

The copy version of devon compiled by Muhammad Yusuf Chokar in 1903 is kept in the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. His biggest work is the epos “Husnu dil” was written in Buhara in 1778. The plot of adventures of “Husni Dil” is very famous in oriental literature and a number of prosaic works have been written in Persian, Arabic and Turkish languages.

The poem consists of 62 chapters and 15584 hemistiches. Husn (Beauty) and Dil (Heart) are the main heroes of the poem. All the aims and ideas of the poet are absorbed in the drama based on love stories of Husn and Dil. The name of heroes of the poem have a big importance. We can accept all of them as one thing. For example, fuod (soul in Arabic) – the life of soul in “Kalai jism”, the life of Husn in “Kalai Diydor”. Kongil (soul) fell in love with Husn (Beauty) and he came across with obstacles and sufferings. Its value is that all these actions express symbolic meanings. We can feel it at calling heroes as akl (intellect), ishk (love), Nazar (look), Himmat (generosity), Sabr (Patience), Vafo (Debotion), Hayol (Thought), Gamza (coquetry), Rakib (Rival), Nomus (Honour) and etc. The image of “Obi hayot” (Water of life) in the poem has also symbolic meanings.

“Kushlar munozarasi” (Discussion of Birds) expressing moral and educational ideas of Nishoti is also important. This work has allegoric and metaphoric character and it consists of 300 hemistiches. The poet describes his ideas by discussion of 14 birds.

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