Monizm (3-6 century)

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Monizm is a seperate derection of the Turkic peoples’ faith. “Xuastuanift” (Moniylik tavbanomasi) is its theoretical source and religios monument. This monument appeared in ancient Uygur tribes in 5-6 centuries.

The founder of this direction is Moniy ibn Fatak (216-277). “Xuastuanift” is their anthym and rule. This work includes some figures of “Avesto” and some mythologic heroes of the last period of Zardushtiylik. The most quality of the work is not changing the heroes of Avesto.

Passing love brings to adore the wealth of this world and it will be reason for being far from the beams of the wealth of spiritual world.

This world is a evildoing place for the society of Moniy.

Moniy’s personality and his direction are described in Monizm poetry. There were appeared such poets as Aprinchur tigin and others in the ancient Turk Monizm poetry.

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