Hamid Olimjan (1909–1944)

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Hamid Olimjan was born in 1909 in Jizzak. After school at the end of the 20s he continued studying in The Teacher's Training Academy in Samarkand. Hamid Olimjan's first collection of poems was published in 1928 and the lyrical examples included to the collection showed that there was growing a young poet who enlogized in romantic sense.

Having a poet of happiness and rejoicing. His well-known poems such as "Baxtlar vodiysi" (Valley of Happiness), "Uzbekiston", "When the apricot - tree blossoms" are the examples of his creation of that period. He could creat such beautiful poems as "Holbuki tun", "Ofeliyaning o'limi" (Death of Ophelia), "Qamal qilingan shahar tepasidagi oy" (The moon above the occupied city), "Ishim bordir o'shal ohuda" (I have something secret for the dee) where he was able to show tenderlya human's dilicate soul. Uzbek Literature was enriched wite such wonderful legends as "Oygul bilan Bahtiyor" (Oygul and Bahtiyar), "Semurg'", "Zaynab and Omon", and plays as "Mukanna", "Jinoyat" (Crime) written by a great poet Hamid Olimjan.

Works by Hamid Olimjan.
Completed collection of works. 5 vol. Tashkent, "Fan", 1975-84.

About Hamid Olimjan's creative works.
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