Usmon Nosir (1913-1944)

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The talanted poet Usmon Nosir who entered the Uzbek literature of XX th century as a thunder and lived a very short creative life as a lightning. He was born on November 13, 1912, in Namangan. Afterdeath of his father he was brought in children’s house in Kokan. The talented fellow learnt the best examples of Russian and world literature. After leaving boarding house in 1931, he entered Uzbekistan. State University, faculty of Uzbek philology in Samarkand.

Writing books from his childhood his creative work extended only 15 years, until the time he was put in prison. In that period he showed his rare talent. Young poet’s books as “Quyosh bilan suhbat” (1932), “Safarbar satrlar” (1932), “Traktorobod” (1934), “Yurak” (1935), “Mehrim” (1935) were published at that time. In 1937, on July 14, he was put in prison first in Tashkent, Magadan and in Kemerovo. Being exhausted in the prison he died in 1944, in Kemerovo.

Usmon Nosir brought new sound, new spirit and new image into Uzbek poetry. The poets such lines as “Tingla, erkam, o’rtog’imsan, Ko’nglimni ochay. Qonim she’r bo’lib oqsin-da, Men qayta ichay” (Listen to me, my pet, you are my mate, let me uncover my heart, let my blood flow like a poem and me drink it again…) can be an example to it. There wasn’t such a tradition in Uzbek poetry to clemonstrate emotions as they are. Our national poetry has ever been whithin the frames of decency. Usmon Nosir was the first poet to destroy these frames. The poet’s expression of his emotions like:

“Sevgi! Sening shirin tilingdan
Kim o’pmagan, kim tishlamagan?
Darding yoyday tilib ko’ksidan,
Kim qalbidan qonlar to’kmagan?”

(Love! Is there anybody who did not taste your sweet tongue?! Whose heart did not bleed wouded by you pain?) was a poetic event of no comparison for its scope and effectiveness at the same time, the poet’s confussion in the shape like “Ilhomimning vaqti yo’q selday keladi, Jalloddek rahm etmay dilni tiladi, Ayondir bir kuni aylaydi xarob” (the inspiration doesn’t wait for the time, it may come upon you like a blood, mersilessly culting (breaking) your heart and it’s so clear that once it will ruin you…) is a great literary inherition as well.

The most colourful features, characteristic of Usmon Nosir’s poetry are brightly seen in dozens of such poems as “Yurak” (The heart), “Nil va Rim” (Nile and Rome), “Monolog” (A monologue), “Nasimaga deganim” (What I told Nasima), “Yana she’rimga” (Again to my poem), “Begona” (A Stranger), “Yoshlik” (The Youth).

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