Abdulhamid Chulpon (1897-1938)

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One of the founders of a new Uzbek poetry, translator, editor, playwriter Cho’lpon was born in 1897 in Andijon. He took his first education in old school. Then studied in Russian-tuzem school. In 1914 he came to Tashkent and began his activity in the newspaper “Sadoi Turkiston”. His compositions were edited also in newspapers and journals in Ufa, Kazan, Bogchasaroy. From 1916 to 1917 he lived in Orenburg and worked as a secretary in one of the administrations of government. Then he returned Tashkent. Till 1920 he served in TurkRosTA. In 1920 he took part in meeting of Eastern people in Baku.

That year invitation made by Fitrat he went to Buhara and worked there as a chief in the newspaper “Buhoro axbori”.

Having worked about a year he returned Tashkent. He dealt with works connected with literature and culture. From 1924 to 1926 Cho’lpon lived in Moscow. He was a chief of dramstudio there. There began movement against jadids and also against Cho’lpon. In spite of difficulties he continiued writing many works. In the beginning of 30’s he went to Moscow again and worked as a translator in one of the Central Committee of SSSR. In 1937 on July 14 he was taken to the prison and was shat in 1938 October 4.

His poems and compasitions like “Uzbek yosh shoirlari” (1923), “Go’zal yozg’ichlar” (1925), “Adabiyot parchalari” (1926), “Uyg’onish” (1922), “Buloqlar” (1923), “Tong sirlari” (1926), “Soz” (1935) takes important place in development of new Uzbek poetry.

His novels as “Kecha va kunduz” (Night and Day) (1936) and stories as “Doktor Muhammadiyor” (1914), “Qor qo’ynida lola”, “Novvoy qiz”, “Oydin kechalarda” takes an important place in development of Uzbek literature.

Cho’lpon’s works as “Yorqinoy” (1920), “Xalil farang” (1921), “Cho’rining isyoni” (1926), “Yana uylanaman” (1926), “Mushtumzo’r” (1928), “O’rtoq Qarshiboev” (1928), “Xujum” (1928) show that he worked efficiently even as a playwriter.

National independence and freedom are the main idea of Cho’lpon’s works.

He translated Pushkin’s novels “Dubrovskiy”, “Boris Godunov”, Gorkiy’s novel “Mother”, and play “Egor Bulichev”, Lohutiy’s “Evropaga sayohat”, Gots’ “Malikai Turandot”, Shakespear’s play “Hamlet” into Uzbek, which made a great contribution to the world literary relations.

The professors of National University of Uzbekistan as O. Sharofiddinov, U. Normatov, N. Karimov, D. Quronov are carrying research works on Cho’lpon’s creativity. According to the decree of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Cho’lpon awarded with the State prize of Navoi.

There is a film based on his novel “Night and Day”.

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