Siddiki Ajzi (1864-1927)

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He was born in 1864 in Samarqand. He attended madrasah and succeeded to read till “Sharhi Mulla”. But he took the knowledge from the life (The life brought him up). Siddiki visited Mecca at the end of 1890. He worked as a translator (interpreter) in the Russian Embassy in Jiddah in 1900. A year after, in 1901, he returned his country and opened a new styled (method) school.

His works were prohibited to be published. Siddiki succeeded to publish following works with the help of his friends in Tiflis, such as: “Anjumani arvoh”, (“Gathering of spirits (Ghosts)), “Mir`oti ibrat” (A mirror of Exhortation (Edification)). His “Mir`oti ibrat” could only be published in 1914 in Samarkand.

He knew importance of national awakening that leading the vast masses of people to education and signifying their rights was the main theme of literature.

He called the people to get education and to understand their rights. In 1919 he worked as a chief’s deputy of (Justice) department of Samarkand region, later he worked as a chief of the department. He died in 1927.

Until these days all the literary heritage of the poet has not been collected yet. The poet wrote also following works, such as: Aynul adab (Eyes of Good Breeding) Samarkand – Tashkent, 1914 in Tajik collections of poems, the translation of Gogol`s “Shinel” (Greatcoat), articles and stories. It demonstrates, that Siddiki Ajzi was a great poet.

His poems were published in the magazines of “Mulla Nasriddin”, “Dirilik” in the Caucasus. His works are collected and edited by NUU prof B. Qosimov. And also A. Aslanov, H. Mirzazoda and Tadjik scientists and I.S. Braginsky studied his inherit.

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