Muqimi (1850-1903)

Category: Literature of National Renaissance period Published: Saturday, 29 September 2012

Muqimi was one of the greatest poets of period of National Renaissance of the Uzbek literature. Muqimi was a lyric poet. The theme of love was in the first place in this poems. For example poems such as “Oshiq bo’libman”, “Ayrilmasun”, “O’zim har joydaman”, “Aqlu hush uchdi boshimdin…”.

In his works the satire and humor played the main role. Muqimi criticized the social problems of his time in his following poems: “Tanobchilar”, “To’y”, “Saylov”, “Maskovchi boy ta’rifida”, “Hajvi Viktor boy”, “Voqeyi Biktor”. Also Muqimi was the first to create the genre “Sayohatnoma” which had the ideological and artistic peculiarities in the national renaissance of Uzbek literature.

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