Furqat (1858-1909)

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Zokirjon Holmuhammad og’li Furqat was one of the greatest poets of National renaissance of Uzbek literature. He left a rich spiritual heritage by acting as poet and writer, literary scholar and historic writer, regional geograph and translator. Also, he was a famous and talented writer of his period. Zokirjon Holmuhammad og’li Furqat was born in Kokand in 1858. Since childhood Furqat really read examples of oriental poetry which formed his outlook and belief.

He had made a great creative activity among poets of that time as Muqimi, Muhyi, Zavqi, Nisbat, Muhayir and others. Just at that time he translated a novel “Chor darvesh” from Persian. He wrote the following works “Hammomi hayol”, “Nuh manzara”. He wrote lyrical poems.

Having lived in Tashkent for about 2 years, in 1891, the poet had to go abroad. Visiting Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Arabic countries and India, he stayed permanently in the city Yorkent Shinjong province of China. In 1909 at the age of 50 passed away and berried in Yorkent.

The range of topics of the poet’s lyrics were colorful. His works about the love in the world scale, social-philosophical thoughts, human freedom and the poems expressing sorrowful melodies and the works in which much attention paid to religion topics and religious enlightenment.

NUU professor Sh. Yusupov began new research on Furqat’s works which is continued by N. Jabbarov. Furqat’s selected works are preserved in the Uzbekistan State Archieves and Oriental Institute’s library (# 17521, 10072, 5736, 6352, 1821) also the fund of H.S. Sulaymonov (#322, 2492)

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