Muhammad Shayboni (1451-1510)

Category: XVI - first half of XIX century Published: Saturday, 29 September 2012

Shayboni was born in Buhara and was a grandchild of the famous ruler Abulhayrhon. He was married to Mirzo Ulugbek`s daughter Robiya Sulton Begim. In 1501 – 1507 he established a centralized state in Turkistan. He was given a title “Hazrati imomi-z-zamon Halifatu-r-rahmon”. In history he is known as the founder of new dynasty.

He changed the capital from Samarqand into Buhara and he tried to improve the status of the palace literature. As a poet he created “Devon”. His “Devon” is kept in Istanbul, in the museum of Tupiqopi Palace. And you can also find its copy in manuscript fund of Uzbek Literature chair of the National University of Uzbekistan. Nowadays one of the post-graduate students of this University Mirzaeva M. is preparing to defend her thesis, which is titled “The Poetics of Shayboni`s gazals”.

There are a lot of informations about Shayboni. For instance, in the following works as “Tarihi guzida yoki Nusratnoma”, “Shayboniynoma” by Binoiy, “Muzakkiri ahbob” by Hasanhoja Nisoriy, “Shayboninoma” and “Boburnoma” by Muhammad Haydar. Even Alisher Navoi mentioned the poet`s works in his “Majolisu-n-nafois”.


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