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“O’g’uznoma” doston is one of the literary eposes of Turkic people. There are two literary “dostons” (poems) in Turkic people history. They are “Dada qorqut kitobi”, and “O’g’uznoma”.

Doston was written in old Uygur-Turkic manuscript. The original texts of the book is kept in the National Library of Paris.

The main sources of the doston are myths and legends in the society.

The style of the doston “O’g’uznoma” lookl like Kultigin monuments. Because some mythologic points and geographic situations of the doston have proved it.

There are some legends about appearing of Ashing relationship from Turkish relationships at the beginning of “O’g’uznoma”. Kutlar – tree, awolf, the sky are mentioned in ancient Turk monuments too.

“O’g’uznoma” consists of two parts. The first part is mythology. This part is about astrange birth of O’g’uz, his life, his fighting for cruel shungar and his killing him. The second part is about historical stories. This part includes his wedding, his children’s birth, wars and seesed of some states and deviding his states to his children.

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