Akmal Ikromov

Category: Uzbek modern poetry Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013

AKMAL IKROMOV, young poet, painter, he graduated from Higher Literature Course by the National University of Uzbekistan. His paintings have decorated many poetry collections. His works have appeared in many anthologies, including Tunes of Asia. He worked for a literary magazine.


Try to catch me,
I come as of old
creaking goes my voice
if I speak
do not let me pass
a minaret
let it fall on me.


Close your eyes, may soul turn to eyes
J. Rumi

A white morning, around in the silence,
flowers lighted
birds flew over
as if it was paradise
the world behind my window:
The world:
“Close your eyes,
may soul turn to eyes

Translated by Azam Abidov

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