Aziz Said

Category: Uzbek modern poetry Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013

AZIZ SAID, poet and translator, was born in Bukhara region, he has several boks of poetry to his credit, including “Where is Bedi’l soul”. He transated many works from world literature. Koelho Paulo’s “Alchemist” was published in Uzbek in his translation. He worked for many publishing houses and editorial boards. Currently he is th editor-in-chief of the Sinfdosh magazine.

* * *

We came across
when our lightning life is tired of
asking a flower from dawns and a leaf from stars.

We came across
warmth missed in our hands
a handful heart has soaked from the anguish

We came across
ancient sounds were ringing
from our veins where love was dead
sinful times were weeping
in our eyes deceived by years.

We came across
when fresh breezes distributed
color of the words to silent days.

We came across
when many wayward traces became hungry
in the narrow spaces of the dream.

We came across
mistrustfully stared at each other
in silence getting stiff with cold, trembling.
we tousled cinder for a long time

there is no charcoal
there is no live coal
there is no amber:
we said goodbye
putting up with photographer memory.


I was a cleaner of a fortune mansion,
Watering my soul swept depression.

A guest did not appear.

I was a waiter of a parting hall,
Waving with myself filled every bowl.

A guest did not appear.

I opened door of senselessness at last,
Played a song, musician – eyes, life – dust.
A guest did not appear.
A guest didn’t come.

Translated by Azam Abidov

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