Category: Uzbek modern poetry Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013

FAKHRIYOR, poet, journalist, for many years he has been working for Uzbekistan radio and TV Company. Published many books of poetry. His modern poems are famous with their structure, form and interesting style. Lives and work in Tashkent.


Yellowness is a stone color.
Of the monster stone.

Leaves are getting heavy –
They’re amateur for the stone color,
And they wish to be with stone.

As a mother listening naughtiness
Of a whippy child that wants to town
The tree is all in trouble.

But in actual, not every stone,
Even simply, by the way, for soul,
Will never hanged be
Instead of leaves.


Stone, that has never been in water,
If I speak the truth.
You are apostate.
Being dry you stay, I see so longer,
Under flood of tears that are frosted.

Translated by Azam Abidov

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