Safar Olloyor

Category: Uzbek modern poetry Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013

SAFAR OLLOYOR, journalist, award-winning poet, published many poetry books. Currently works for an editorial board in Tashkent.



I need some zeal, oh Gracious God,

And intensity to gain;

Wonder no person I could

Living with the hurricane.


Give a little term, my dad

I need some term but now,

Let me find my sweet girl-friend

While I have in soul love.


Give a little time, oh Mother,

I need some time so nice!

By using this chance let me rather

Myself to recognize.


Oh my darling, give me dare,

I need this courage, right,

I don’t like in calm to stare

Along your heart I stride:


You see, I’ve such a big desire -

All of them I need.

A man who wishes luck – entire

Asks everything indeed!



In the land where impartial people stay

I was interested in myself and thus

I didn’t wait while someone shows me way

And line my own path.


When people don’t grieve for one another,

For myself I mourned and cried for me.

If truly with themselves live all others -

In fact I praised the strangers randomly.
Translated by Azam Abidov
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