Category: Uzbek modern poetry Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013

OYDINNISO, poet, was born in Samarkand. She published a book of poetry, “Mensizlik”. Works for publishing house “Yangi asr avlodi” in Tashkent.


Wash the face of the night,
may it turn white,
Gather stars
to one side.
your feelings,
Hurry up
To dawn in that way.

Lift up
Figure of the day,
the unceasing rain.
Change the color
of yellow leaves to green,
Hurry up to night
In that way.

If your heart remains half,
May it close
like your eyes.
If it is impossible to burn
And to drown,
May Love
be buried alive.

Hurry up to Happiness
In that way.


My face is black,
black is my traces,
That unjust spot
is still in my heart.
Closing my eyes
I’ve come once again,
To increase my own sins.

Having gone
I could not rise above myself,
Do not forgive and do not console,
Only love me!
Putting a load on my heart
I have come for thousandth time,
To leave you alone.

Translated by Azam Abidov

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